For precious moments

With love from Finland

I believe that some objects can be more than they physically are. Some of them tell stories and have roots. They give you delight. They can grow old in such a beautiful way. At best they connect people, make memories and deepen relationships.

It is not easy to make that kind of objects. Creating something unique takes talent, lots of time and effort and most of all passion. That’s not easy. But for us that’s where we begin.

Sir Kolke is a Finnish lifestylebrand. We have a beautiful collection of timeless, pure and simple items for home interiors. All of them are made in Finland for precious moments.

Our web boutique is only in Finnish at the moment, but we are willing to serve international customers too. Please do not hesitate to contact us: In the future we will open our boutique in English too.

In the meantime you can read a little bit more about us here and follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

It is a great experience to give or get something carefully considered, beautifully finished and timelessly beautiful. I love my job and I want to help you to find something unique from Finland.

Siiri Saarimaa