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Sir Kolke is a Finnish design brand which creates timeless, simple items for home interiors. We love our materials and honest craftsmanship, and all our products have a story behind them.
All our items are handmade with care in Finland for precious moments.



Yksinkertainen hiljaisuus


Far away from the big world, in the middle of deep forests and endless quietness, there was nothing, but still everything that a person needs for living: wood, wool, simple food, time and another person.

Special straight and peaceful culture was developed as the people worked hard to stay alive. Strong feelings were hidden under the quiet surface, but they were not smothered.

People weaved those feelings to fabric and carved them to wood. With no boast, but with humble and care. When all fancying was so unfamiliar the feeling and the talent could be seen in careful work and carefully chosen materials. In simple, lasting forms and extremely precise finishing.

When minor is turned to precious it takes time and effort. And when it’s done with all heart, treasures have born.


asenne ja intohimo

We work together with talented makers in Finland. All of our makers share vision about quality, effort and sustainability. They are small scale producers, who work with their hearts and stand behind everything they do. They share incredible material knowledge, uncompromising attitude and love for crafting. We proudly stand together behind everything we do.
One of us said well about how we think: “I could not be if I knew I gave away something that isn’t good.”


We use exclusive Finnish wood. It is hard, tough, straight-gained and evenly patterned because it grows slowly in short summer seasons. It has been said that Finland has the best climate for trees to grow. We love the fact that wood is natural, characteristic material and it suits perfectly for our timeless products.

Finnish wool We use soft, carefully combed Finnish wool. Our wool comes from happy and healthy animals living in pure Finnish nature. Sheep are usually bred in small herds in family farms. Sheep are sheared at their home farm and longest fibers are spun to yarn in a small spinning mill in Finland.

Strong textiles are expensive and valuable. And best of them last for years and get better all the time. We use the best fiber we know in our textiles.
Linen is strong, natural, ecological fabric and it has been used in textiles for thousands of years. It has been very traditional material in Finland too.
Our linen comes from Western Europe and it is spun and weaved ecologically by our carefully selected partners. Our linen has the Oeko-Tex 100 standard certificate.


Miehestä ja viulusta

Sir Kolke was born from a young woman’s love for Finnish craftsmanship.

“My grandfather was a violin maker. Violins are a natural part of our family and there has never been any fuss around him. “Ukki” passed away when I was a child, bus as the years went by I realized that his work will live forever.

I love my own heritage violin and I am proud to stand for the values it represents: Honesty, integrity and love. I don’t know if ukki told anyone that he loved wood, music and life, but when I look at his work I know that he did.”

Siiri Saarimaa
Founder of Sir Kolke


We make all of our items in Finland, where working conditions are good, standard of living is high and nature and humans are protected by laws.
We make our items in small series and all of them require a lot of handwork. That way we can make sure that all the material is used carefully and we have as little waste as possible.

Finland is full of forests and wood isn’t harvested as much the forests grow. That’s why Finnish forests are a natural carbon sink. We also know that harvesting is made sustainably.

We only use wool that comes from sheep grown in Finland. Sheep have good lives in Finland. Sheep farming is naturally very organic and provides sheep opportunities to special living. Climate is good and healthy for sheep. Mulesing is considered as illegal and there is absolutely no need for that in Finland. Finnish animal protection is good and strict.

Many of our makers live in small villages in Finland. We want to support their living and retain valuable Finnish craftsmanship.